For Owners, faced with a┬áplethora of details that can derail any project, Construction Risk Consultants brings added value allowing owners to shift from “reactive” to “proactive” management.

CPM scheduling will provide owners with cost control as the work progresses. This aid comes in several forms: as predictions of the need for cash, as reports on money spent versus work accomplished, as reports verifying contractor requisitions and as statements of money due the contractor.

We review the contractor’s CPM Schedules and provide you with factual status project updates. We review and analyze delay and disruption claims. We make recommendations for time entitlement. If disputes arise, we negotiate on your behalf to bridge the gap and effectively reduce disruptions to the progress of the work.

Unresolved construction disputes are particularly damaging to the progress of the work hindering the contractor’s ability to perform per the contract requirements. Construction Risk Consultants bridges the gap between owners and contractors and supports the mediation of construction disputes by analyzing the facts and making recommendations to entice the disputing parties to compromise in a relatively short period of time. Quick resolution of construction disputes preserves the business relationship of the parties and allows for a timely completion of the project.

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