CPM Scheduling

We Utilize CPM Scheduling to Deliver Successful Projects

Baseline Schedules:

We develop detailed Baseline schedules utilizing the latest version of Primavera P6.  We incorporate all contract requirements, limitation of operations and specific means and methods required to prosecute the work.  We identify potential risk and action(s) necessary to mange to reduce or eliminate risk.  We load schedules with cost and resources, allocate overall cost and establish cash flow projections.

Progress Updates:

We update the schedule on a bi-weekly or a monthly basis to reflect actual physical progress on site.  We incorporate ”Out of scope” work performed, directed changes, constructive changes and unanticipated conditions or interferences.  We analyze and apportion impact(s) to contract milestone dates.  We memorialize each progress update and develop a monthly progress report documenting, among other things, change order work, delays due to others, impacts to contract milestone dates and earned values.  We develop next steps to issue timely notices, recovery plans, impacts due to delays and supporting fragnets.

Delay Analysis:

We identify and analyze the causes leading to delays and/or constructive acceleration.  We support project teams with the development of accurate project documentation and Time Impact Analysis (TIA) to support requests for additional compensation and time extensions.

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